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Chameleon pens are much more than a normal felt pen: they give you the power to change color and bring simplicity to your art. Each pen ranges from the lightest tone (just a hint of a tint) to the rich tone, so you no longer need to have multiple markers to create the full shade of a color.



  • A pen, more shades of color!

  • For simple and uniform color gradations!

  • Create depth, dimensions, shades, lights and shadows .. . and all with just one pen!

  • Made to last, Chameleon pens have almost twice the ink of a normal marker.

  • It can also be used as a traditional marker .

  • Professional quality, with alcohol-based ink.

  • Rechargeable and replaceable Japanese cotton tips.

  • Permanent on most surfaces (including: fabrics, glass, plastic and wood).

  • Compatible with all other alcohol-based inks and markers.

  • Perfect for curious kids, aspiring amateurs, passionate colorists, creativ artisans i, ambitious students, established artists and design professionals.




How do they work?
Simply put the camera infusion incorporated in contact with any tip of the marker for a few seconds, and color! You'll see how magically it begins with lighter tones and advances until it reaches full color. The longer the infusion, the greater the nuance.


Chameleon single pen BL2 BABY BLUE

SKU: CT0128